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The New

Sinuous celebrates its female ancestors who forged their own paths and today inspire those seeking their version of the

American dream.


In the Beginning

Sinuous Bourbon is a uniquely American story, with flavors and history that could only happen in America.

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The idea of Sinuous Bourbon came from a deep desire to honor and celebrate the women who came before me. Who forged their paths regardless of the limitations, obstacles or hurdles in the world. They were my aunts, grandmothers, cousins spanning across generations. They nurtured survival in all of us, passed it down generationally, coded in our DNA. They were intelligent, laser-focused women constantly reinventing and rebirthing what it meant to be an American in pursuit of the dream. For me, they represent the very essence and core of the American ideology. It’s that belief that unites us as Americans. Sinuous Bourbon is about unity, communal experiences, and shared storytelling. Sinuous celebrates all who dare to defy convention. Who are in control of their own narrative and are bold enough to stand on the cutting edge of culture. We see you!


Founder/CEO, Erica Sutherlin

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Full-bodied flavors and rich layers.

From the first sip, Sinuous is as smooth as brown butter. Aged for five years in a number 4 char’d American white oak barrel,

the caramel and amber tones of the spirit hint at the warm and sensual experience to come. As the bourbon is poured, the

sweet scent of vanilla, cinnamon, cardamom, and spicy ginger mixed with earthy and oaky aromas titillates the senses, and

the journey begins. Flavor notes of honey, dried fruit, and molasses melt in the mouth for a luscious and sultry sensation. A

soft yet full-bodied finish delights the palate, leaving drinkers begging for more.


Who is Sinuous crafted for?

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who are ready to reinvent what

it means to be an American classic

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on the cutting edge of culture

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in control of their own narratives

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daring to defy convention

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The Craft

The Sinuous Bourbon mash bill starts with corn, rye, and a wheat blend, aged five years in an American White Oak Barrel. On barrel harvest day, Dunamis Premium Spirits executes their Dunamis micron filtration process followed by 16 chambers of charcoal filtration to ensure the silky smooth finish.


Sip Boldy

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Limitless Luxury

Sinuous Bourbon is meant to be shared

and designed to give drinkers permission to indulge.

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Redefine Cool

Those who drink Sinuous are tastemakers

on the cutting edge of culture and are in

control of their own narrative.

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New All-American

The logo iconography features an intelligent,

laser-focused woman building herself and

preparing for the rebirth of America, where

everyone has the opportunity to live as

their true self.

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Smooth as Brown Butter

Sinuous Bourbon's soft yet full-bodied flavor

delights the palate, leading drinkers to beg for more.


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